Bunny Album - Bunny Jenga

Let's play bunny jenga
兔層疊(其實Rosy記不清楚這種game是否也叫做"層層疊"... :p)

It happened in one of the bonding session. I just
turned my head away for a few seconds, when I
looked back, Coco was already under Toto, so I
didn't know what happened...
某次bonding, 他們襯我別個頭去望一望其他東西, 就

Toto: Polo, it's your turn.
Toto: Polo, 輪到你啦

Polo: What???
Polo: ? 輪到我做咩呀?

Toto: Your turn to stack on the top.
Toto: 輪到你疊上頂呀

Coco: Quick, I can't stand much longer
Coco: 快瓥, 壓屎兔喇