The following are some vegetables available locally (including some common Chinese veggies) that have been fed to my own bunnies and/or to other rabbits in Hong Kong with no reported ill-effect.  
Name Notes

Calcium mg/100g

Bok Choy / Pok Choy / Bak Choy / Pak Choy White stems and dark green leaves. Comes in different varieties and sizes.
Choy Sum / Flowering Chinese Cabbage Green stems, green leaves and yellow flowers, with a green heart stem in the middle ("Sum" in Chinese, means heart).
Bok Choy Sum A cross product of Bok Choy and Choy Sum. White stems, dark green leaves, with a light green to white heart and yellow flowers.
Siu Tong Choy / Shanghai Pak Choy / Green Pak Choy Looks very much like Bok Choy, except it has green stems instead of white.
Chinese Lettuce  
A Choy / Indian Lettuce / Yu Mai Tsai / Youmaicai  
Chinese Cabbage / Nappa / Wong Bok Comes in different varieties.
Coriander / Cilantro / Chinese Parsley  
Mustard Green  
Water Spinach There are two varieties: one with green stem, one with white/light green stem. The photo is featuring the green variety.
Snow Pea Shoots Leaves of snow pea plant.
Chinese Kale, also known as Chinese Broccoli or Kai Lan (looks similar to Choy Sum, but is in darker shade of green and has white flowers) is relatively high in mercury. It was once reported that frequent consumption could lead to reduction of sperms in human. Therefore, I will not let my bunnies try it unless mercury is proved to make no harm to rabbit.
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